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I think what I have is correct! What could be wrong?

it seems like i'm doing it correctly. my previewed output is the same as it's asking...but it's not accepting it.


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Mustafa Başaran
Mustafa Başaran
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Hello Daniel,

date() function takes a timestamp argument whose default value is set to current time. Of course, that default value can be changed if one wishes to do so. But that is another day...

After choosing the preferred date format, that is full month name, month day number with 0 digit and full year ('F d, Y'), you can basically print it on the screen with echo command.

Nobody knows format strings by heart. So, please feel free to refer to PHP documentation when seeking the best format:

So, in php terms >>>

echo 'Today is ';
//Place your code below this comment
echo date('F d, Y');

I hope this helps.