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nathan goel
nathan goel
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I try to use document.querySelector with a title attribute, it returns null in console. I don't see what I missed there.

Here is my code in the html page: <p title="firstParagraph" class="textDesign"> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adip... </p>

That is the result in the console:

document.querySelector('[title=firstParagraph]') null

Help, please!!

2 Answers

Jonathan Grieve
Jonathan Grieve
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It looks like your CSS query in your method isn't quite right.

In the absence of a link I can only make a best guess as to the exact selector you need but try passing the following in your querySelector method.

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I was getting the same error 'the value null for the query selector'.

Then I realized I had saved the file app.js but forgot to refresh the browser for the changes to reflect in the DOM.