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Vijayalaxmi vastrad
Vijayalaxmi vastrad
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I try to use getElementByClassName to disappear Green box but it did not work can anyone pls tell me why?

const box=document.getElementByClassName('box');'none';

2 Answers

Hey, it should be get Element(s) not get (Element), so you can try it like this:

const box=document.getElementsByClassName('box');

also getElementsByClassName should return an array of all elements in your page that has class 'box', so will not work because box here is an array of elements. so you should loop over this array and set the display style for each element in the array:

for(let i=0; i < box.length; i++){ box[i].style.display='none'; }

Or you can just select it, for example, if it's the first item in the array :

const box = document.getElementsByClassName('box')[0];