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Tim Brown
Tim Brown
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I’ve returned after a long pause in studying...

Hey all

I’ve come back to team treehouse after quite a long break from studying and am struggling to get back into the swing of things.

Previously I was part way through a couple of different tracks, mainly design based. I’m part way through a set of videos and questions but can’t really remember the stuff I was doing and can’t really work out where to start!

I’m looking now to understand how to manage Wordpress to a high degree of quality, speed and bug elimination.

I need to u defat and how to find and fix bugs and css changes specifically in Wordpress I guess Iain the development tools.

I also need to understand more about hosting, I have a lot of sites hosted but having recently lost the resource I use to manage everything, I want to learn how to do it myself. And quickly! Any advice on what to do would be very much appreciated.



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Check this excellent CSSTricks article about all the 'technical' stuff about putting a site online. It's a good starting point.

As for the other thing, having worked (and battled) with Wordpress myself, sooner or later you NEED to learn PHP. You will come to a brick wall when you need to bypass a theme or even WP's own way of doing things.

Tim Brown
Tim Brown
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Thanks for your advice Axel, I was thinking PHP was next - really appreciate your help...

Have a great weekend!