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Daven Hietala
Daven Hietala
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I was able to complete this lesson with the "JavaScript Profiler" tool and the "Memory" tab..

This is an answer for anyone stuck here.

Click the "Customize and control DevTools" button on the upper right corner of DevTools. Then click on the "More tools" tab > "JavaScript Profiler". This is a start in the right direction. You can record your console activity here. I had to use the console tab on the bottom half of DevTools in order to run the "test()" function while recording. You'll see what I mean whenever you try it.

Also, open the "Memory tab" it has the "Heap snapshot" option.

This isn't an exact answer but with the "JavaScript Profiler" tool and the "Memory" tab you should be able to figure out the answers to the following quiz.

Good Luck!