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Sergio Sanchez
Sergio Sanchez
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i would like to see the solution of that exercise to understand how is correct. im stuck.

Challgente task 4 of 4
String[] intAsString = {
  "Matilde comia jamón",
Random randomGenerator = new Random();
String[] randomNumber = randomGenerator.nextInt(intAsString.length);

1 Answer

Hello!, u did not followed the instructions properly, this is the complete answer: Random randomGenerator = new Random(); int randomNumber = randomGenerator.nextInt(10); String intAsString = randomNumber + "";

1.first u create an instance of the Random() class called randomGenerator because u want to use the class methods. u create a integer called randomNumber which will hold a random value >> u use randomGenerator.nextInt(10) because u want to generate a random number from 0-9. lastly u convert a integer into a string by adding “”.

i hope it’s clearer now.