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Iconic Fonts keep overwriting each other.

Hey fellow treehouse students, i am currently building a small website and wanted to use iconic fonts instead of svg. icons. I downloaded linea.io's iconic fonts which is split into 7 sperate font files. Sadly, whenever i try to implement more than one of these fonts, one of them keeps overwriting the other one. It depends on its position in the stylesheet. Does anyone have any experience with merging those fonts together ? Or at least separating them so i can use them individually. I'm thankfull for any help :)

Does this happen only on certain icons? I'm just trying to understand the question a little better. What are the sites for the two different fonts?

Colin Marshall
Colin Marshall
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Did you try changing the font-family CSS property when you want an icon from a different font file?

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It happens on every icon that shares the same "alphabetic" sign.

3 Answers

Thas Eagans
Thas Eagans
Courses Plus Student 2,533 Points

How are you trying to add the custom fonts? Are you using



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Thanks for the fast response :) I uploaded two shortened versions of my site:

Nr 1: @font face of linea-music is above @font face of linea-basic http://bit.ly/1zDbGa1

Nr 2: @font face of linea-music is bellow @font face of linea-basic http://bit.ly/1AB2qbT

(If it matters, i am using bootstrap)

@Thas Eagans

As you can see in my style.css, i copied the style.css content of the fonts into my own style.css (For example the @font-face rules) The file structure should be correct because the icons display something.

@Colin Marshall

Then i used a different selector for every single one of these icons to select the correct font-family

@Jared Cowan

The Website of the font is called http://linea.io. So i am basically using 1 font which is split into several pieces ( in my case 2 pieces) The fact that both font pieces (linea-music and linea-basic) share the same "alphabet" seems to be a big problem in this specific case. And thats exactly what i'd like to fix :/

Thanks for every response

Lucca Sanwald Have you tried going into the css file and renaming one of the font families?

Just for example; Try renaming linea-arrows-10 to fonty-arrows-10

Then just rename the file names (if you want for clarity)

@font-face {
  font-family: "fonty-arrows-10";
  src:url("fonts/fonty-arrows-10.eot?#iefix") format("embedded-opentype"),
    url("fonts/fonty-arrows-10.woff") format("woff"),
    url("fonts/fonty-arrows-10.ttf") format("truetype"),
    url("fonts/fonty-arrows-10.svg#fonty-arrows-10") format("svg");
  font-weight: normal;
  font-style: normal;

Do that for the font families in that file.

18,940 Points

Hey Jare thanks for the rensponse :) Tried the approach you've mentionend and renamed alls the styles in the style.css linking to the font files, and i renamed the files inside my file structure. Then i gave the specific icon the (new) matching font-family. Sadly it still doesnt work.(still shows the mixer icon instead of the book icon)

I also tried to rematch the font symbols to antoher unicode value by using "FontForge". There i've paired the "linea-basic-book" symbol with the unicode value of "U+E029" instead of the latin "m" (because the latin "m" is already in use by "linea-music-mixer"). Then i've changed the reference inside the style.css from

.icon-basic-book:before { content: "m"; }


.icon-basic-book:before { content: "\e029"; }

Now it shows the unicode icon for "\e029" instead of the referenced icon. :/