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Yahya Alshwaily
Yahya Alshwaily
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If and else statements are both true


if I input yahya both "is learning python" and "you should definetly learn python" statements appear in the console, could anyone please explain to me where I went wrong?


First_name = input("Hello, What's your name?")

if First_name == "yahya":

print(First_name, " is learning python")

elif First_name == "gleb":

print (First_name, " is learning python")


print ("you should definetly learn python {}".format(First_name))

print ("have a good day {}".format (First_name))

// thank you!

It seems like an indentation issue, make sure your indentation of else is proper.

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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As suggested by boi, an indentation error could cause your issue.
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