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Basto Biih
Basto Biih
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If Conditional Statement

Don't really know what else to do here, it ran with errors put I guess I'm close.

def check_speed(speed)
  if speed < 45
    print "too slow"
  if speed =45 && speed >= 60
    print "speed OK"
  if speed > 60
    print "too fast"

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Jason Anders
Jason Anders
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Hey Basto,

You are on the right track and very close :thumbsup:
First, you'll need to put the print statements back to puts... challenges are very picky and don't like when you change the preloaded code that you weren't asked to change. :confused:

Next, there is just a logic error with the second if statement. The way you have it, the speed has to be exactly 45 and greater than or equal to 60 for it to return true, which is impossible. So, you'll need to adjust the first part to include anything greater than or equal to 45, and then change the second part to be less than or equal to 60.

Lastly, the instruction do not ask you to call the function. Doing this will cause the Code Checker to error out with a "Communication Error". Again, if the instructions don't say to do it... don't. So, just delete this line completely.

Once those are fixed up, the code will pass. Other than that, Great Job! :) :dizzy: