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iOS Build a Weather App with Swift (Retired) Pulling Data From the Web Networking in iOS

If we were fetching the location every time we made a query ,what will you put on the empty String at your forecastURL

lets say you are creating a weather app and you want the user to get the details based on his or her location. What will you put on the empty String at your forecastURL let forecastURL = NSURL(String: " " , relativeToURL: baseURL)

1 Answer


Great question. What you will want to do is add the userLocation data.

var userLocation : String! // Added at the top of your file near the other IBOutlets

userLocation = "\(userLatitude),\(userLongitude)"
let baseURL = NSURL(string: "https://api.forecast.io/forecast/\(apiKey)/")
let forecastURL = NSURL(string: "\(userLocation)", relativeToURL:baseURL)

before adding the above information you will need the following:


    func initLocationManager() {
        seenError = false
        locationFixAchieved = false
        locationManager = CLLocationManager()
        locationManager.delegate = self
        locationManager.desiredAccuracy = kCLLocationAccuracyNearestTenMeters

    func locationManager(manager: CLLocationManager!, didFailWithError error: NSError!) {
        if ((error) != nil) {
            if (seenError == false) {
                seenError = true

    func locationManager(manager: CLLocationManager!, didUpdateLocations locations: [AnyObject]!) {
        CLGeocoder().reverseGeocodeLocation(manager.location, completionHandler: {(placemarks, error)->Void in

            let pm = placemarks[0] as! CLPlacemark

        if (locationFixAchieved == false) {
            locationFixAchieved = true
            var locationArray = locations as NSArray
            var locationObj = locationArray.lastObject as! CLLocation
            var coord = locationObj.coordinate
            self.userLatitude = coord.latitude
            self.userLongitude = coord.longitude



    func displayLocationInfo(placemark: CLPlacemark?) {
        if let containsPlacemark = placemark {
            //stop updating location to save battery life
            let locality = (containsPlacemark.locality != nil) ? containsPlacemark.locality : ""
            let postalCode = (containsPlacemark.postalCode != nil) ? containsPlacemark.postalCode : ""
            let administrativeArea = (containsPlacemark.administrativeArea != nil) ? containsPlacemark.administrativeArea : ""
            let country = (containsPlacemark.country != nil) ? containsPlacemark.country : ""

            self.userLocationLabel.text = "\(locality), \(administrativeArea)"

    func locationManager(manager: CLLocationManager!,
        didChangeAuthorizationStatus status: CLAuthorizationStatus) {
            var shouldIAllow = false

            switch status {
            case CLAuthorizationStatus.Restricted:
                locationStatus = "Restricted Access to location"
            case CLAuthorizationStatus.Denied:
                locationStatus = "User denied access to location"
            case CLAuthorizationStatus.NotDetermined:
                locationStatus = "Status not determined"
                locationStatus = "Allowed to location Access"
                shouldIAllow = true
            NSNotificationCenter.defaultCenter().postNotificationName("LabelHasbeenUpdated", object: nil)
            if (shouldIAllow == true) {
                NSLog("Location to Allowed")
                // Start location services
            } else {
                NSLog("Denied access: \(locationStatus)")

Let me know if you have any other questions.

thanks man