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Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith
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I'm a bit lost on this one. I was't fully clear on the instructions but I figured my 'and' statement would work

In the videos we're creating a game with a similar function but we also have a get_moves function that allows us to only use available moves, I figured the 'and' statement was the away around this but Im not sure. please help if you can, thanks.
# move((1, 1, 10), (-1, 0)) => (0, 1, 10)
# move((0, 1, 10), (-1, 0)) => (0, 1, 5)
# move((0, 9, 5), (0, 1)) => (0, 9, 0)

def move(player, direction):
    x, y, hp = player
    if direction == "UP" and y>0:
    if direction == "DOWN" and y<9:
    if direction == "LEFT" and x>0:
    if direction == "RIGHT" and x<9:

    return x, y, hp

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adrian miranda
adrian miranda
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Read the instructions closely. The direction is not a string, but a tuple containing the x and y direction to move.