Python Introducing Lists Using Lists Continental

james mchugh
james mchugh
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I'm getting correct output

it says assertion error: Asia not found in ['Asia', 'Africa','Anartica','Australia'] It's right there in the output, but it says it's not. I don't get it.
continents = [
    'South America',
    'North America',
# Your code here

for continent in continents:
    A_continent = [continent for continent in continents 
          if continent.startswith('A')]

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Greg Kaleka
Greg Kaleka
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Hey James!

Take a closer look at the error message. It says

'* Asia' not found in ['Asia', 'Africa','Anartica','Australia']

And it's not. Kris is correct - you need to output a bulleted "list", not an actual python list.

Also, there's no reason for a list comprehension here. Simply go through each item in the list and if it starts with an A, print a bullet for it. You also don't need a break.

Cheers :beers: