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I'm having problem in running my Emulator


Installation failed with message Invalid File: D:\AndroidStudioApp's\FunFacts\app\build\intermediates\split-apk\debug\slices\slice_9.apk. It is possible that this issue is resolved by uninstalling an existing version of the apk if it is present, and then re-installing.

WARNING: Uninstalling will remove the application data!

Do you want to uninstall the existing application?

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Maris Krastins
Maris Krastins
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If you are new to Android studio, you need to follow few basics steps in configuring the emulator.

Make sure you have proper SDK installed Make sure you have Intel HAXM & virtualization option enabled in your BIOS Configure emulator correctly, download the Intel X86 Atom system image for better performance. Go through this blog,

Here they have explained clearly, what are the problems you face while running & resolution for the same.

Hope that helps.

Thank you so much , Mr. Maris for your help. Now my problem is solved