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Jack Cummins
Jack Cummins
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I'm having trouble with this quiz.

  1. Turn this link into an image by filling in the blank. _____Alt Text

2.To create an image that also works as a link, fill in the blanks. [Alt Text] _______

  1. There are two parts to a reference link.

If the first part looks like this:

[Treehouse] [5]

Fill in the blank to make the second part work:

2 Answers

The "image that works as a link" is missing parentheses.

Images syntax starts with an exclamation mark, alt text in []s, and link in ()s. Like Alt Stuff

The [Treehouse] [5] is a reference link with an id of 5. So when writing the link definition, it's going to be called with [5]:

You may need to review this stuff before moving on.

Jack Cummins
Jack Cummins
17,414 Points

I would very very very happy if someone answered my question. Thank you so much to whoever does it! If you give a good answer I will give you a best answer, and an upvote!

Thanks Again! Jack

The answer can be found in the Links video @ 2:47