Python Python Basics (2015) Shopping List App Refactor

Sean Frye
Sean Frye
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I'm not sure about this.

Clearly I got this wrong. I feel like I am doing what I am supposed to by putting the : right after main(), and then indenting everything below it, but clearly I got this wrong. It also doesn't help that I am quite rusty at this as I was working on an unrelated project for over a week and a half.
def show_help():
    # print out instructions on how to use the app
    print("What should we pick up at the store?")
Enter 'DONE' to stop adding items.
Enter 'HELP' for this help.
Enter 'SHOW' to see your current list.

def show_list(shopping_list):
    # print out the list
    print("Here's your list:")

    for item in shopping_list:

def add_to_list(shopping_list, new_item):
    # add new items to our list
    print("Added {}. List now has {} items.".format(new_item, len(shopping_list)))
    return shopping_list
def main():  

    # make a list to hold onto our items
    shopping_list = []

    while True:
        # ask for new items
        new_item = input("> ")

        # be able to quit the app
        if new_item == 'DONE':
        elif new_item == 'HELP':
        elif new_item == 'SHOW':
        add_to_list(shopping_list, new_item)


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Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman
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It appears you are mixing TABs and SPACEs for indentation. Best to use a consistent 4-space indenting style throughout.

Post back if you need more help. Good luck!!!