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I'm not using console,I used System.out &its been working so far but now for System.out.printf.readLine(" ") ...

it doesnt work, It says 'Error: printf cannot be resolved or is not a field' , What can I do to make this work without putting console

Armin Halilovic
Armin Halilovic
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Hi Carolina, maybe you have already found an answer in the meantime but nonetheless here is one possible way to get the input from the user without using the console keyword:

There is a Scanner class in Java which allows to scan text. You have to import the Scanner class, create a Scanner object and use the .nextLine() method to read the input from the user:


import java.util.Scanner;

public class Introductions {

public static void main(String[] args) {
    Console console = System.console();

    // Create the Scanner Object
    Scanner scanner = new Scanner(;

    // Print out your statement to the user
    System.out.printf("Enter Username: \n");

    // Read the user input (strings)
    String userName = scanner.nextLine();
    // Print out the input from the user

    // To read integers you have to use nextInt()
    // To read doubles you have to use nextDouble()
    // and so on...

} }

Hope this helps!