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I'm on:- Before You Start the Layout Project, and stuck

I'm stuck on the very first thing and i don't know what to do... I'll start at the first thing in my opinion, and that's trying to move the content of the banner into the middle. Which css property would help i tried position and float margin or padding but they don't work?

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Daniel Riches
Daniel Riches
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you could try text-align: center

or display: flex; flex-direction: column; and then I think... justify-content: center; or align-items: center;

Thanks! I had a h1 and some <p> and an img all on a banner that goes across the screen but i didn't think text-align would move it all! That's brilliant thank you, i need to be more creative..

Joe Prosser
Joe Prosser
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Text align absolutely does move images, that's how I solved this bit anyway :)