Tafadzwa Timothy Gakaka
Tafadzwa Timothy Gakaka
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im stuck

Please fill in the correct answer in each blank provided below.

Fill in the blank(s) below:
Complete the code below to declare a counter variable and create a while loop:

counter = 0; ( counter < 10 ) { console.log(counter); counter += 10; }

2 Answers

Treehouse Moderator 18,640 Points

I'm going to guess that you're referring to this quiz.

_ counter = 0;
_ (counter < 10) {
  counter += 10;

So in the first line you're trying to declare a variable. Example: let foo = "bar"; What keyword is missing from the quiz declaration?

In the second line you're trying to create a while loop. What keyword might you need to add for a while loop?

If you still feel stuck with those hints or if you have questions, let me know and we can walk through the solution. Good luck, and happy coding!