Python Python Collections (2016, retired 2019) Slices sillyCase

Im stuck

I cannot figure this one out

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Dave Harker
Dave Harker
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Hi Taurai Mashozhera,

Generally when people get stuck and need some help they might talk about the things they've already tried, or pop their code in even.

Can I suggest you re-watch the Introduction to Slices video? Pairing that knowledge with the concepts of the floor division operator (//), string.lower(), and string.upper() will solve this challenge.

If after you've had a go you still have trouble, pop back here and show what you've tried ... then we can offer help with the code. Just giving code without anything having been tried won't help you grow as a developer, but am happy to help once you give it a fair go :smile:

Best of luck, and happy coding.
Dave :dizzy: