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Syed Khutub Shariff
Syed Khutub Shariff
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Im stuck in Endless loop not able to figure out why?

var upper = 10;
var guess;
var attempts = 0;
var randomNumber = getRandomNumber();

function getRandomNumber(upper) {
  return Math.floor( Math.random() * upper ) + 1;

while( guess !== randomNumber){

  guess = getRandomNumber(upper);
  attempts += 1;

document.write("<p>The random number was = " + randomNumber + "<p>");
document.write("<p> the number of attempts =" + attempts + "</p>" );

1 Answer

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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On line 4, the target "randomNumber" is set by calling "getRandomNumber". But since it it called without an argument, the formula will generate a result that is not a number ("NaN").

Since nothing matches "NaN", the loop condition will never be met and the loop will run continuously.

Just supply an argument when you call "getRandomNumber" (I assume you intended to use "upper") to fix the issue.