iOS Functions in Swift Adding Power to Functions Function Parameters

Matthew O'Fallon
Matthew O'Fallon
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I'm stuck on a problem in the Swift Functions section

The description says that I should use the values a and b for external use, but whenever I type them in my code, they highlight themselves. Is there something I'm missing that is making them do that? Or is it my code somewhere else that is stopping me from doing this challenge correctly

// Enter your code below
func getRemainder(a value: Int, b divisor: Int) -> Int{
  return remainder = value % divisor
Donald Zarraonandia
Donald Zarraonandia
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So there are two issues that I see. One has to do with the external names.

The challenge calls for using value and divisor as external names not a and b. So easy fix. (I did the same thing)

Second has to do with what you are returning. Don't forget that in swift you have to declare your variables and constants before you can use them.