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Im sure im not understanding the question. What does it mean, too store the integer version of answerToLife

Ive tried multiple things, and have even rewatched the course any help clarifying this would be great
String answerToLife = console.readLine("what is the answer to life?  ");
int answer = Integer.parseInt(answerToLife);

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Your integer parsing (on line 2) is actually fine, the issue is that you have changed what is stored in the answerToLife variable (on line 1) which is not something the task asked you to do.

If you change it back to it's original value which was the string "42". Like this:

String answerToLife = "42";
int answer = Integer.parseInt(answerToLife);

Then your answer will be accepted.

Thanks, I must have deleted the single line comments from the start because. 42 lol