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Stephen Stewart
Stephen Stewart
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Image not Displaying


Everything is working well and smoothly, however, I noticed that when you downloaded the bootstrap with all the content etc.. Mine was already pre-installed. As was thinking that when you downloaded that it already had the image within that folder. Is there a way to get the image that you used and put them into the Content?

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Simon Sporrong
Simon Sporrong
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Hi! I had the same issue and after some digging i found that the CoverImageFileName-string returns "the-amazing-spiderman-700" and the actual filename was "the-amazing-spider-man-700". So all I did was to change the filename in the Images folder. Hope that helps!

Randy Layne
Randy Layne
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Hi Stephen,

are you referring to the Spiderman Comic image? When you download the project files it will contain several more zip files corresponding to the each video in the course. The simplest way I found to get the image was to unzip the "aspnet-comic-book-gallery-5.6.zip" file and navigate to src>ComicBookGallery>Images>the-amazing-spider-man-700.jpg

Hope this helps! Randy