Databases SQL Basics Finding the Data You Want Searching Tables with 'WHERE'

In our e-commerce database we have a users table with the columns id, username, password, first_name and last_name.


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Maxwell Newberry
Maxwell Newberry
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You are given the column names, you just need to write a query that matches the name.

  1. The key word retrieves data from the database, which tells us SELECT is the correct statement we need to use.
  2. The challenge outlines that we only want to select the first and last name from the rows, so for the select fields we want to specify only first_name and last_name delimiter by a comma.
  3. We're of course retrieve data FROM the users table, and we want to specific that we only want data WHERE the username matches 'wig_lady'. Therefore, our query will finish to become:
SELECT `first_name`, `last_name` FROM `users` WHERE `username` = 'wig_lady';