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In the addMenuItems method why didn't you have to alloc and init the array?

in this method:


    for (MenuItem *menuItem in menuItems) {
        [self.itemsOrdered addObject:menuItem.itemName];
        self.subtotal += menuItem.itemPrice;
    return self;

why didn't we have to alloc and init the arrayname array?

Jey Miranda
Jey Miranda
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When creating that method of addMenuItems, that parameters it takes as input is also declaring a new array called menuItems? because in the for in loop, what i believe it says is " for each MenuItem in menuItems Array, create a variable called *menuItem and send it through the loop" . So my question is, did you previously created an NSMutableArray called menuItems else where, or you created it at the same time you specified the type of input in the new method call -addMenuItems?

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Anjali Pasupathy
Anjali Pasupathy
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You don't have to alloc and init menuItems because the parameter for addMenuItems is an NSMutableArray that's already been alloc'd and init'd.