HTML Introduction to HTML and CSS Make It Beautiful With CSS Test: Styling by Element and Class

In the CSS file, create a rule for the .main-pg class. You don't need to write any style instructions yet.

can you help me with this code

<!doctype html>
    <link href="styles.css" rel="stylesheet">

   " <p class="main-pg">My amazing website</p>

class = .main-pg

How do give paragraph a border 4px

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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To give yourself the best chance for a quick answer, don't add a question onto an old one. Start a fresh question, and be sure to show your code (or the part you have so far) and post a link to the course page you're working with (if any).

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
194,186 Points

In the HTML portion, there's a stray quote-mark in front of the paragraph. Otherwise, that part is good.

But for the CSS section, the basic structure for a rule is a selector followed by a pair of braces. And for a class selector, you are correct to place a period in front of the name. But you won't need the word "class" or the equal-sign.