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index.html doesn't look the same on my local computer

Hi i downloaded the project files on my windows.When i preview the index.html,I haven't had the same look like in the video. have anyone test the code on their on computer? I also changed from index.html to index.php to see on my local server,but it doesn't look the same index page ,either.

I have all of the folder css,img and so on..

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Sergey Podgornyy
Sergey Podgornyy
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It was the same for me. The best way is Launch Workspace and just copy content from there.

I can't make copy and paste on Workspace.?

Alena Holligan
Alena Holligan
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All the downloads and workspaces should be fixed for this issue, so you should be able to download files again. But if you launch workspaces, you can also go to File > Download Workspace to get all the files. You should also be able to copy and paste from workspaces.