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index.html file where can i find it ?

i install the desktop server and addition to it i opened my sublime text editor and put the all folder inside it . everything is good until now . but i was wondering why cant i see my index.html folder inside it ? i look at my theme folder and it also not there . is that folder exist on wordpress ?

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Hi Omer,

WordPress runs on PHP, so it is actually "index.php" file you are looking for and it should reside in the theme folder.

After installing WordPress you'll find one in each of the themes installed - typically "twentyfifteen", "twentysixteen" and "twentyseventeen".

It will depend on which theme you have activated as to which one you will be modifying.

As an example your file path will be something like "sitefolder/wp-content/themes/twentyseventeen/index.php".

Hope that helps :-) Don

thanks don i know the path and i see the index.php . so actually the all web site write on this index.php and it replacing the index.html cause it wordpress ?

Hi Omer,

That's the one.

Have you checked out Zac's WordPress Template Hierarchy course? That should give you a better understanding of how it is all put together.

Cheers Don :-)

No problems, happy to help :-)

thanks don i will see it .