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Index.html Webpage looks incorrect

I'm on the "Add Java Script To HTML" video and when I go to view the "Index.html" webpage it does not look like the regular blue webpage that states "Hello Javascript!" when you attempt to view it. Instead it shows a very basic page with the heading "Index of/" and some files below. "css/" and "js/". I've haven't even touched the index.html file and have gone over it in comparision to the one in the video many times and there are no differences between the two that I can see. Where have I messed up? TIA

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Michael Hulet
Michael Hulet
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Make sure you're going to index.html in your browser and not Index.html. URLs are case-sensitive, so those addresses would point to 2 different files, with capital I Index.html potentially not existing, so you get a server-generated default page