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index.php page doesn't show the content proper way

I looks like css file doesn't work on the index.php.I haven't made any change the downloaded code.

unordered list items doesn't display the elements inline block it displays as a block item and large images.

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Hi Coskun,

If your index page has

<ul class="catalog">

then change "catalog" to "items". The css file is expecting that class to be "items".

Also, later when you create the catalog.php page there will be a ul on that page too. Make sure you give it a class of "items" as well.

Can you give any details?

Sebastian Karg
Sebastian Karg
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I have the same issue. Set up my project localy on a MAMP Server, using Brackets as Editor and Chrome Browser for preview. Never had problems with that setup so far, but after renaming the index.html to index.php and refreshing the page the style.css doesn't load. However if I open style.css and try to change something it loads perfectly until I refresh index.php.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this issue?