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Hi guys,

i just find it very cool to build ios and android apps and I heard that you earn a lot of money as a good mobile developer, even more than in the web development branche. I wanted to ask you, do you think, that treehouse can bring you so far with their education, in order to be capable of build really good apps, like snapchat, twitter and so on..? I mean, that depends on the person, too. But what i mean is, if treehouse teach me the basics and i'm really good at that stuff and always noting the teacher's note or checking other websites like for more materials, where the libraries of swift is explained, too and if I'll code every night and motivate myself. Do you think i can grow that much? I mean it is not necessary to programm such apps like snap, instagramm, but I want to be a good mobile developer before I start to study mobile development, in order to be very ready.

Second question ist, which branche do you think it's better, where you can grow more and where you have a change to invent something, that makes you grow very high and earn a lot of money? Is it mobile development or web development? Cause i kinda think, that mobile development is more worth, cause nowadays are a lot of mobile apps created, those are selled on playstore and appstore and u can really grow and earn a lot of money with them..

Please take your time.. it is about my future.

Thank you for the advice!


Pick one between ios and android and deep dive. You have no idea how much being a master of one will help you in the job market.

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Short answer: 1. Yes, you can definitely become good enough. 2. A nice mix

If you work hard you can definitely succeed, hard work pays off. As to your question on money and if Treehouse education is good enough: I was educated by Treehouse, and I earn more than I could have imagined myself earning back when I hadn't started yet.

However, if you work as a developer at a company, web or mobile won't differ much when it comes to the money. If you create an app yourself, then yes there is a chance you can make a lot of money on that, a chance starting any business comes with. But not all mobile apps are created equally, web technologies are improving fast and it's possible to create apps using branches of the same frameworks used to create web apps. So the answer is not as simple as you'd like. My recommendation is to ask yourself: Do I want to develop native mobile apps, like games, or do I want to develop web apps?

I hope that helps, Jonas

Wait a second, native mobile apps are not just games, there are social apps to, aren't they? Web apps are actually everything that happens behind the created website, like serverside, isn't it. Or could you explain it to me?

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Yes, mobile apps range from social apps, creative apps, games and basically anything you could imagine.

Web apps too, for that matter.

I hope that helps, Jonas

A question here. What is actually the difference between web apps, native apps and hybrid apps? As far as I know, native apps are application programmed on a specific platform the contains a compiler, like Xcode or android Studio and they can be selled in appstore or playstore and web apps are actually internet webpages programmed with html css and javascript and they are connected to a Webserver and a database, so u can access them from mobile devices and you cannot download them like native apps on appstore or playstore, cause they are just webpages. Hybrid apps are the combination of native apps and webapps. As far as I know you can download them from Google as apps(not from apps store or playstore), and you can directly access them as an app from your mobile device. The main meaning of the hiybridapp is, that it looks like a native app, but behind the scenes it works like a webapp.

Is anything true, what I explained here? BR