iOS Object-Oriented Swift Classes in Swift Classes with Custom Types

Dragos Ionita
Dragos Ionita
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iOS Structs and Classes

I wrote this code for the challenge, I tried it in my Xcode playgrounds and it runs fine, but on Treehouse it says it's incorrect. something about making sure I assigned an instance of the Business class to a constant.

I'm guessing I'm reading the assignment wrong, any ideas what I'm doing wrong? thanks

struct Location {
  let latitude: Double
  let longitude: Double

class Business {
  let name: String
  let location: Location

    init(name: String, latitude: Double, longitude: Double) { = name
    self.location = Location(latitude: latitude, longitude: longitude)

let someBusineses: Business = Business(name: "APPLE", latitude: 45.3, longitude: 6.786)