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Is it better, or easier to read, if I use the unary plus operator to convert my variable to numbers throughout the code?

Instead of converting the strings to numbers using parseInt(), I used the unary plus operator throughout the code. Which option is better in terms of reading the code? Is it just a stylistic choice?

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Doron Geyer
Doron Geyer
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HI Linda Hung I think either one would be fine to use from a functional stand point although the unary + operator is has different behavior to parseInt in different situations. take for example

pasrseInt('123abc') // 123
(+'123abc') //NaN

this stackoverflow will give you an in depth breakdown of the differences.

I think however that you should keep in mind at this point in your coding journey , the focus is a lot less on the most correct use case or ideal syntax and more on teaching you principles, like the different way your code handles numbers and strings.

another example of this is throughout the early stages you use var for variables . You will see later that it is often a lot better to use const and let for several reasons.

It's great to ask questions now , early on but focus on understanding and learning the principles rather than the methods.

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Happy coding!

Thank you, Doron Geyer , for breaking it down for me, and providing a link as well! I understand now :)