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General Discussion

farhang kareem
farhang kareem
Courses Plus Student 94 Points

is it hard to learn web developing without having any coding backround?

Hello Dear sir/madam

I just joined your website to learn about web development my experience is very low with coding , i have to start with HTML probably, but i have a question for you.. which language do i have to learn to be a successful web developer? if i learn HTML, CSS and PHP do i need other languages to learn such as jquery or java script?

what language do need to build WordPress Themes and plugins? please explain to me because if you give a reasonable answer i will continue with you.

Which lanugage do i have to learn to make apps for IOS or Android?

The reason i chose because you have tracks and you teach everything from scrach i left Lynda.com and came here

Thank you for your support Farhang

4 Answers

Jeff Lemay
Jeff Lemay
14,268 Points

I started with no coding background 2-3 years ago and it's now my career. A few thoughts on your journey:

  1. Start with html and css. It's required for just about all websites. You'll gain basic knowledge about how coding works and it will make it easier to learn more complex languages. Plus you get instant gratification, like seeing "Hello World!" inside your browser with just one line of html.
  2. After building a base of html/css, learn some basic jquery/javascript techniques to add life to your pages, a.k.a. Interactivity.
  3. Learn some basic php to make your life a lot easier (includes, arrays, foreach loops).
farhang kareem
farhang kareem
Courses Plus Student 94 Points

Thanks for the reply,

i don't have coding experience, but i'm using WordPress to manage my websites, and i'm comfortable with it. but when it comes to coding i really don't get it. i mean it will take time to learn ( html, css, php, java, jqurry)

farhang, Everything takes time to learn. And as weird as it sounds, the time it will take to learn it is dependent on the time you give to learn it.

If you take the time and understand it from the beginning you will understand more at the end. Master the basics then move up in the world from there.

we all started from somewhere, dont let the fact that you are new at this scare you

objective c/swift are for iOS

java is for android

you could possibly get a job knowing just one of those two, developing just phone apps

as for web apps:

with html and css you can built websites but it would be difficult to get a job with just these skills

if you know html, css and javascript you have some chance of getting a job

add a back end language to the mix like php, python or ruby and your chances go way up

any language/framework you can add to your cv from there on out will increase your chances

my advice is to start following courses on tree house and anywhere, do the coding projects they guide you through and use them to build your portfolio to show prospective employers

but IMO you need to think about your job choice a bit, becoming a good web/app developer takes time, patience and dedication. If you like it and want to do it professionally, why limit yourself? you shouldnt be looking to learn the minimum to fulfill a job requirement, you should aspire to learn as many skills as you can

and anyway, even if you get a job, if you dont continue learning, soon your skills will be outdated, web development, like any other career need you to update your skills constantly

Short answer: if your heart isn't in it, you will lose your damn mind but if you love it, its fun.

Start with the basics, HTML and CSS, then as you grow you will learn more and then choose your path.

farhang kareem
farhang kareem
Courses Plus Student 94 Points

I love it, but i want to understand more about programming. that's why i asked, i really love to build websites and mobile apps.

Terrence Mathews
Terrence Mathews
173 Points

I don't think anyone heart is in it, everyone does it for the money

Terrence Mathews
Terrence Mathews
173 Points

I don't think anyone heart is in it, everyone does it for the money. no one would do this for free.

Build a portfolio and seek a job. A good portfolio will get you work long before a actual degree.