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Is it necessary to use the -webkit and -moz anymore.

Confused on whether we still have to use all the annoying -webkit stuff. If not can someone show me an example on how to do it well?

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Autoprefixer is a postprocessor. Look into preprocessors, and if you're on a Mac CodeKit.

+1 for Autoprefixer Dustin.

I can't recommend "Grunt" enough for helping out with prefixes. Grunt is something you might want to look into as you can have it run Autoprefixer on your CSS. If not now, later when you want to level up.

It really depends but a great place to find out is Can I use.

Ahh I see so its available on all major browsers excluding safari. So how would I use it if one day safari approves flex boxes? Would I just not use the -webkit? Sorry, but I'm not sure on how this all works.

One solution is Autoprefixer.

How do I install that?

James Barnett
James Barnett
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I'm a prefix free person myself, it's simpler to use.


No problem. Treehouse has a Compass deep dive coming out this month actually.

Kevin Korte
Kevin Korte
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Yep, Autoprefixer FTW!!