Python Object-Oriented Python Dice Roller Yatzy Scoring

Is it ok that i dont write the code in the videos?

When I watch the videos, I don't follow along with the code and just watch without writing anything. I've tried to do it, but it caused me to be frustrated in catching up, and I had a harder time understanding the code I was writing.

Alex Swan
Alex Swan
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I think its up to you on how you treat the learning experience. Personally it helps me writing down code, and it also gives me something i can look back on when I'm in a bit of a pickle. but that's just me!

If you can watch the videos and understand the concepts of what's going and remember the syntax I don't think there is any problem.

Also, I prefer to use a text editor like VS Code whilst following along with team treehouse, it makes writing code so much quicker when you start to know the shortcuts, that might help you out if you struggle to keep up with the instructor.


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William Shaylor
William Shaylor
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Definitely code as you go, watch a segment, then pause it and try and to what the video is teaching. You will make mistakes, and that is the point, you learn from them and it makes you remember it better.