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Tyler Thornberry
Tyler Thornberry
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Is my rails okay?

im using and in the video he says if youre not using 4.0 there may be issues. I dont want to get far into this to realize the steps in the video wont work with my version

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Roberto Alicata
Roberto Alicata
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I think you'd better use the same version of the tutorial ( using rvm or rbenv).

If you want to look at some possible incompatibilities, look at THIS

Here is what I did to get to the correct version of rails (thanks to stackoverflow)

gem install rails --version 4.0.1 gem uninstall rails Select gem to uninstall:

  1. rails-4.0.1
  2. rails-4.2.6
  3. All versions 2 gem uninstall railties ... 2 so that: gem list now shows: rails (4.0.1) ... railties (4.0.1) and rerunning: rails new odot now has the proper version showing the gemfile