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yaseen kabeer
yaseen kabeer
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is rel attribute mandatory ?

i didnt understand the significance of rel attribute , is it for our convenience ? it doesn't seem mandatory Cause when i removed rel attribute the page is still loading up
even when i changed the value from "stylesheet" to something other , the page has no difference

Can someone clarify

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Maxime Duhamel
Maxime Duhamel
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Hi Yaseen,

It definitely need confirmation from a more advanced user but I think this is more a consistency problem.

HTML 5 and CSS 3 is probably understood and interpreted by modern browsers without those specifications but like many little things in the syntax it probably help insuring that the page is read and displayed in the way it intended to be.

For now i think it goes the same with rel and type and are they are used as hints by the browser to know how they should deal with your document, but as far as my knowledges go I tend to use them to avoid any problems.

Better safe than sorry? :)

Hope it helps and I am interested by a further technical explanation.