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Is there a keyboard shortcut for replacing the closing tag content after the opening tag is changed?

The video showed an instantaneous replacement when the instructor clicked on it. What am I missing?

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brandon downs
brandon downs
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if you figure one out let me know!

I'm pretty sure that some text editors have that functionality as an extension that you can install. And I know that the website CodePen does that automatically, if you change either the opening or closing tag the other corresponding tag will be changed for you. however I havent figured out how to do that in the treehouse workspaces or on their challenges.

sometimes it seems like they might be doing some editing of the video just to keep things moving along and not waste too much time finding the closing tag and changing that too. But I am not sure exactly


Thanks Brandon. I am also looking for shortcuts in general. Like when inserting new tags or attributes. Don't know if that would only be a function of the specific editor being used to write the html file. Any tips are appreciated.