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Is there a simple way to convert number words into integers?


So I'm wondering if there is a simple way to convert number words (e.g. five, six, seventeen, etc.) into integers to be used by my Number Game app? I googled this and found most solutions going way over my head, so I was wondering if there is a simple way to do it based off the "Python Basics" covered thus far. Just wondering out of app works, but if someone enters in "five" the except ValueError kicks in (assuming "5" is not the random number generated) and says "five is NOT a number! Try again." So, it's not accurate to that degree. Here's what I have:

import random

def game():

secret_num = random.randint(1, 10)
guesses = []

while len(guesses) < 5:
    user_input = input("Guess a number between 1 and 10: ")
        guess = int(user_input)
    except ValueError:
        print("{} is NOT a number! Try again.".format(user_input))
        # compare guess to secret number
        if guess == secret_num:
            print("Hit, my number was {}".format(secret_num))
        elif guess < secret_num:
            print("My number is higher than {}.".format(guess))
            print("My number is lower than {}.".format(guess))

    print("You didn't get it! My number was {}.".format(secret_num))
play_again = input("Do you want to play again? Y/N ")
if play_again.lower() == 'y':


1 Answer

It's difficult to do so, since in English has many words and is a tricky language (although it is my main language I speak). It would take:

some_input = input("Enter a number: ").lower()

if some_input == "one":
    some_input = 1
if some_input == "two":
    some_input = 2
if some_input == "three":
    some_input = 3
if some_input == "four":
    some_input = 4
if some_input == "five":
    some_input = 5

# and so on and so forth...

It would actually take that much work to do it since there's no way to convert English words into numbers out of thin air. There might be some resources out the to do this job, however it's really rare (at least I think) because nobody wants to do all that useless work.

So no, there's no simple way to do this job, and I don't recommend doing it.

Nice suggestion, though! :)

Good luck! ~alex