JavaScript React Basics (retired) Thinking in Components Loops and Lists in JSX

Peter Braswell
Peter Braswell
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Is there a way to get a copy of the incremental source code?

I've found myself modifying and noodling around with the code in the workspace and it's gotten out of sync with Jim's version and what he's working on in a given lesson and there seems to be no easy way to re-sync with Jim's present lesson short of hand-typing in a bunch of code.

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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I'm not sure, but I have two suggestions.

It might work if you go into the Workspaces page, find the one related to this course, and delete it. Then go back to the video where you were working and "Launch Workspace". It might come back in sync. But be sure to download any work you might want to keep before you try this!

If that doesn't work, you could download the project files, upload them, and then remove the sections that haven't been done yet at the point where you are.