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Grégoire Gilbert
Grégoire Gilbert
3,186 Points

Is there something wrong with me? the core data course is so difficult.

I was super motivated by the whole iOS learning path. I've completed (and enjoyed) the first courses.

Now that I'm working on the core data course.. everything seems difficult.

I have to listen to the same thing several times to understand.

I have to pause the video to be able to follow it in xcode.

And, most of all, it feels like I understand what's happening, but that I won't be able to reproduce that.

Too many information, not enough explanation.

I feel really frustrated :/

Any advice? Or feedback?

4 Answers

Learning something new is not always an easy thing to do, It takes time, focus, and of practice :). Hang in there and keep trying. I haven't touch the iOS track yet. I don't know if this will be much help, but here are some things that I do when I am facing dev challenges and roadblocks.

  1. When frustrated, take a deep breath, take a short break. find a diversement, and come back when feeling better.
  2. The harder videos, I would first watch from beginning to end, than I follow along the second third time or more ( 1. watch, 2. Takes notes, 3. follow along).
  3. Take good notes on a text editor and have access to google when in need.
  4. Keep logs and notes of questions, answers, comments, metaphors, and unclear concepts.
  5. DO NOT repeat the same thing, when it doesn't work the first time.
  6. Do not be disappointed with yourself, stay relax with a clear mind.
  7. Utilize different references and resources ( I have a list of bookmark dev site, script & language, wikipedia, etc..)
  8. Slowly but surely, aim for quality and not quantity.

I am sure you are doing well and keep moving forward. There are huge communities with iOS dev, forums, and the treehouse community. I am sure there many people like us who goes through similar process and learning curves. It will get better. Good luck, I am rolling along with you on this dev journey :).

Grégoire Gilbert
Grégoire Gilbert
3,186 Points

Hey Chris!

Thanks for the kind answer.

I really like the 2).

I was going to come here and say the exact same thing as #2 above. First time round watch the video through, make sure you understand the concepts and code. Watch again participating with the coding. Try it again without the video and solidify your knowledge of the concepts.

Core Data is a beast to wrap your head around, I haven't gotten to it yet here on Treehouse just yet but will soon. But trying to figure it out with Udemy and on my own has been much harder than the rest of the stuff.

Grégoire Gilbert
Grégoire Gilbert
3,186 Points

The problem isn't just core data. It's this course. It's just going to fast. Not enough explanations.

A bit disappointed. I'll have to watch it all over again.

Chris Jones
Chris Jones
Treehouse Guest Teacher

Agreed. As a seasoned dev, all of the previous courses left me feeling somewhat confident in what I had learned. It was rare when I needed to slow down. The core data series has been infuriating. The instructor goes so fast that it's pretty much impossible to keep up. It feels like every 30 seconds I am rewinding the lesson by 10 seconds because I missed something. I've replayed some of these videos and still, it's terrible.

To make things worse, new concepts are introduced without any explanation. I had assumed interfaces always belonged in the header (.h) file. So far, that's all I have seen. I happened to notice Ash add an interface to the implementation (.m) file. I had to stop the video to go figure out that this was a class extension which basically meant it was a private interface. sigh There were a few other instances of this.

Overall, the rest of the iOS courses have been great. This one, however, is emotionless and instead of being excited about the next video, I feel dread and rage.

Advice: Keep Going!

Core Data is one of the most difficult things to grasp, let alone master, in iOS development. Also, the only critique I have of Ash is that he goes through the code at a very fast pace that is difficult to keep up with. Contrast that to most other videos and I can see where anyone could be frustrated.

I'm just finishing up the module now and I can say this is the most well thought out tutorial on Core Data I've seen. I had to re-watch many of the videos and take notes, study, review, etc. You're not alone!