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Is there something wrong with the treehouse software?

Its saying that I'm wrong, but after checking the editor I saw that I accomplished the task. Check out the screenshot
// I have setup a object for you named console
String firstName="yourName";
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Which task did you accomplish?

It was the 3rd challenge of Intro to Java track path. I noticed other challenges not compiling as well, no matter how many times i checked the code and took even a picture of the instructor's code and still nothing. I would keep getting a weird error message below the console section. It's very disconcerting especially someone that is new and has spent hours a day really trying to learn this language.

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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The instructions ask you to Call the printf method on the console object and make it write out "<YOUR NAME> can code in Java!"

They are looking for the expected output, which would include spacing, capitalization and punctuation. But those aspects are missing or different in the string shown above.

If you revise your strings to output the sentence just as shown you will pass the second task.

Then for the 3rd, task you need to output the contents of the "firstName" variable instead of a literal string.