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henry onyedum
henry onyedum
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is there somewhere i can copy the exact code that is on the video so i can follow along from the most recent videos?

i did not save my workspace from a couple videos ago and now all the progress is gone. I would like to continue on from the steps within this video but fear there are many steps that i would have to go back and include one by one to make sure the output is the same as i continue.

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Cameron Childres
Cameron Childres
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Hi Henry,

Look for the "downloads" tab under the video and click on "project files". This will contain folders with the starting and ending states of the code for each video in the lesson.

I believe you can also delete your workspace and start a new one with this video, which should give you the code you need to jump in from this point -- I haven't tested this though, I usually work from the project files. To delete your workspace click on "Workspaces" from the main Treehouse menu and click the trashcan icon next to the one for this lesson.

Amber Stevens
Amber Stevens
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Hi henry onyedum ! So if you look underneath the videos you're watching, there are some links for various options, such as Teachers Notes, Video Transcripts and Downloads. If you click on Downloads you'll be able to download the finished project files for that stage of the course. Hope that helps!