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Is this broken?

I get to Section 2 of this and use .fail(function(jqXHR) {} and it keeps getting an error, this actually happened also when I got to section 3, but then it failed back to Section 1....

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Hey Dave,

Thank you and that worked. Yeah, I've had that "Opps! It looks like Task 1...." a few times here and there.

But this time, it was repeating the error over and over...


Thank you :)

Dave McFarland
Dave McFarland
Treehouse Teacher

HI Jason Thomas

This is what I have for task 2 of the question:

$.get("missing.html", function(data) {
}).fail(function(jqXHR) {


It passes. Can you paste all of the code you're using for that task. Also, sometimes when there's a syntax error in a later task the code challenge will mistakenly say "Oops! It looks like Task 1 is no longer passing" even when your code may perfectly match task 1 still