JavaScript JavaScript Basics (Retired) Storing and Tracking Information with Variables Combining Strings

Eric Lassard
Eric Lassard
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Is this correct?

In the test it asks me Create variable named firstName here is what I wrote: var firstName

Is this correct?

var firstName = prompt;
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Linas Mackonis
Linas Mackonis
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That's right. And that's how the 2nd assignment should look like:

var firstName = 'Erik';
var lastName = 'Lassard';
var fullName = 

Try to solve the last one yourself

Eric Lassard
Eric Lassard
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Thank You So Much for your help!

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Hi Eric,

The challenge is asking you to enter your first name, which in this case is a string. You can enter the word prompt if you like, but you have to surround the first name with double quotes. So if you want to make prompt your first name, it would look like this:

var firstName = "prompt";