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Youssef Moustahib
Youssef Moustahib
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Is this normal?

I understood the shoppinglist and numbergame sections perfectly fine. When it came to the letter game my mind has been completely destroyed. Is this normal? I'm going to keep going over Kenneth's code but I feel like if I don't fully understand everything in the letter game, then theres no point moving onto the next section. Is that right?

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Biggest piece of wisdom I got when starting out as a dev is that becoming "comfortable being uncomfortable" is an important skill. There's rarely a day of work I don't go home with a melted brain. What Matt said about checking into it on the side until you feel comfortable is a great piece of advice.

Not everything is always going to make sense, just keep at it and don't let it discourage. Sometimes taking a break and moving onto something else is exactly what your mind needs to reset and grasp the previous thing.

I wouldn't say that you shouldn't proceed. Just keep going over the letter game on the side until you feel you can fully grasp it. He moves kind of quickly through that one. I had some trouble as well. Just keep after it, and it'll make sense eventually.

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And don't forget that everyone learns differently. If you don't learn well like this could always try a different way. I find Bite of Python a very useful tool. Hope you do well, Nakal