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General Discussion

is using bootstrap okay for don't really want to go deep into design but still want make a site?

i dont want to be master of css. it is too hard and i dont like it. i watched framework video on bootstrap and it is not hard to make beautiful websites which i like. something that take 5 minute on bootstrap may take me over a day using no framework. i prefer javascript + backend more than doing css stuff. so going forward, is it okay if i use bootstrap on all my websites? or is it noticeable and people think i am bad developer?

4 Answers

Change the default colors in bootstrap if you don't want to be obvious., It is not taboo if you use a framework. I would recommend getting rid of css classes that you are not using (in order to lessen page load times) with purifycss:


alex gwartney
alex gwartney
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I would say if your focus is a back end developer then it would not be to bad to use boot strap. But i use boot strap on pretty much all my apps my self but i also do customization with css to make it look decent. I would say over all though that it wouldn't really matter since your not going for a design roll and they really want to see if you know how to use css and html and if you are making decent looking apps or websites in bootstrap that shows off the over all content then that is more important than if you made a really great design.

Hello again Sibal!

Bootstrap works perfectly fine for making decent websites, even "marketable" ones. Customization is what helps it look less "out-of-the-box."

I am a TERRIBLE artist/designer. Without direction or mockups, I would be totally lost making my OWN pages. I personally use Foundation 5 (and transitioning to 6) to make all of my sites. Very powerful classes and a lot of included JavaScript. It's also really flexible for adding your own classes/styling as well as 3rd party JavaScript. Both Bootstrap and Foundation have excellent communities available to assist you, and tons of developers pages filled with excellent copy and paste designs and page elements.

As you mentioned that you are more interested in back end work, and without a front end to work on, it's really hard to get that practical experience you need. Even if you aren't originally going for looks, a quick framework build will give you all that you need for doing some serious development work. Shoot, I am using Foundation for sites I am developing for commercial use. First it was a couple "placeholder" websites, but now I am working on a jewelry sales site and a photo directory for my church's website. I am using a lot of PHP now on these Foundation sites, and it fits in seamlessly!

Go fo the framework!

hi scott thank you for that. i am still on bootstrap framework in treehouse course but i will learn foundation soon after. do you like foundation better?

i feel that css uses too much of my time. i have to do trial and error to find the right sizes and how to correctly position things and this can take hours. programming is better for me because i dont have time to go through all that trial and error and i feel more accomplished and motivated im not sure why. also web designers are not even paid as close to programming jobs so i am confused why i should have to go through all the struggle for no reason.

i dont know any backend language yet but i think i will learn php as well like you. website framework + php + javascript is a good combination? that idea appeals to me. ive stayed away from web development for a long time because i tried css in the past and even tried it a few weeks ago but i just hate it so much i dont know why.

goodluck on your website scott

Bootstrap really is more of "the basics." It's got what you need to get started and get working on your own projects, but it doesn't have a whole lot of built-in "fanciness." To take it to the next level requires a lot of CSS and some JavaScript. That's why I prefer Foundation since it has much more of the finishing pieces included, and there is a HUGE community of developers who share their work freely. Foundation has also branched out into more than just HTML/CSS Website Frameworks, they now have an integrated email framework and a web app system. Still require HTML/CSS knowledge, but it covers a lot of that layout challenges encountered from doing it with straight HTML & CSS.