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Aleksandrs Karevs
Aleksandrs Karevs
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Isn't it a bad practice to insert scripts directly into the HTML?

I've read in Jon Duckett's book – "Javascript & jQuery – interactive front-end development" that it is generally considered a bad practice to insert your scripts directly into the HTML document. Instead, you are better of inserting it into a separate .js file and than linking back to it from within HTML.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

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Josselin Cuette
Josselin Cuette
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You are right, it is bad practice, but I think that this kind of course intends to simplify things for the sake of demonstration. :)

Great course! But I agree, best practices should be taught alongside the course content. Newer programmers may assume this is ok when it isn't.

Jeremy Castanza
Jeremy Castanza
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Good observation. Typically, there's a pattern to follow and best practices dictate separating structure, design, and behavior in a web page.

  • HTML Files - Used for structure
  • CSS Files - Used for design/layout
  • Javascript Files - Used for behavior/manipulation