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Issues with Chrome?

I've tried using a simple server ( to follow along on my localhost but the code from this video doesn't work in Chrome for me. It works in firefox though. In Chrome only the first alert shows and neither the document.write function nor the second alert run, but they work in FireFox.

Can someone help me understand whats going on?

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Brendan Whiting
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Brendan Whiting
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I found a stack overflow article that explains this idiosyncrasy:

You would need to wrap it like this:'text/html');
document.write("<h1>Welcome to JavaScript basics</h1>")

In real life we hardly ever use document.write, so don’t worry about it too much.

Katherine Webster
Katherine Webster
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Thank you! I could not figure out why it wasn't working.

Christian Emenike
Christian Emenike
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This was a shock but thanks Brendan Whiting for the rescue.